Love Offering for Special Access Missions: Launch Expense

Some see missions as a 'colonial project' in which they seek to make other cultures more 'like us'. It is not. Instead, true missions is an effort to translate the gospel into other cultures where the gospel can clearly speak from the Word of God to the people of God in a way that the Spirit of God then applies the truth of the gospel to their hearts in their own language and culture. Our Special Access Missionaries are called to do just that. "Special Access" means that they will be doing what each of us are to do each day in our own culture: through our vocation, speak gospel truth to those we encounter; except they will be learning a new language, new culture, new vocation, and translating the truth of God's Word as they go. We are free to do that in this country, but some countries do not welcome the God of the Bible, the Truth of the Gospel, nor the person who might share it because they may fear 'the State' or the current religious order will be threatened. As far as culture goes, Jesus was crucified for those very reasons. Religious Jews and the Romans saw his Gospel of the Kingdom as a clear and present danger to their culture, religious order, and political power. Therefore, no specific names, locations, or vocations can be mentioned online, EVER. Any mention of their identity or specific location online could put their life in danger.
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It has been rightly said, “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the Church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” Working with the sending agency, Wycliff Bible Translators, this missionary is preparing to serve as an arts specialist alongside Wycliffe Bible Translators in a ‘special access country’. As an arts specialist, this missionary will come alongside the language project and encourage the new local believers to use their own artistic forms to help them engage with Scripture. The hope is to blend the missionary’s musical training with their cultural musical ability to facilitate the creation of music for worship by local believers in their own language, ethnicity, and culture for the glory of God. This is called ‘Ethno-Arts Missions’.

With a long, rich experience in missions, music, and teaching; this missionary is giving up the comforts of life in this culture to be spent for the glory of God in others. Please prayerfully consider joining the support team through prayer or financial partnership.

Ethno-Arts Missions

Specific Financial Needs:
• Monthly Support: any amount you choose, but about $1500 per month is still needed. Please contact the church to ask how to contribute toward monthly support.
• Launch/Deployment Support: Cost of deployment may exceed $10,000. Wycliffe establishes the Launch Expense Account for setup needs beyond recurring ministry and living expenses.

• Examples of what these funds cover are training and orientation courses, airfare, visas, immunizations, language learning, work permits, house setup, vehicle, equipment purchases, shipping, etc.

You may want to give a one time gift toward this special need right now through this Love Offering opportunity, or you may have already given all you can this month to others, if so, you may still participate in this missions project through prayer:

Prayer Requests:

– Please pray that many fundraising connections might be made in the coming days. (We are not the only church supporting this missionary.)
– Please pray that God would put on specific people’s hearts the desire to partner with this Wycliffe ministry for monthly support.
– Please pray that the Launch/Deployment Expenses are fully met.
– Please pray for the missionary for trust in the Lord and in His timing.

Thank you for your prayer and if able, financial support!